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 Video Marketing to Fans 

 Asia branding MCN

Make your brand in Asia by our video KOLs and influencers 

                         who attract tens of millions fans  

         ABOUT US

.........Asia prominent MCN company

As a multi-channel network (MCN) company with HQ in Singapore, we are influencer marketing company /agency, KOL video marketing / live streaming company.We incubate and work with multiple channels and influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leader), organizing or assisting them towards success on streaming video platforms such as TikTok, Facebook live, YouTube and many other local social media platforms in ASEAN countries. With huge fans base in cosmetics, makeup, fashion and clothing, jewelry, trendy home appliances, healthy, art and many other fields, we have built a great advertising network for brand holders to build up their popularity in ASEAN countries via our KOLs’ professional and convincible video-demo and experience sharing

To boost the effectiveness and efficiency for new, small and media brands, we even provide professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) embedded Facebook page, website site and ready E-commerce platform and synchronized Facebook shop. Any size company or individual can start selling online with no effort, no capital, no product and no knowledge required with our comprehensive E-commerce supporting.

For influencers and KOLs, we provide professional boosting support on their video making, communication and marketing skills, providing great modeling and advertising opportunities or even selling their own product on our associated E-platforms.

We have professional trainers and KOLs who can convert potential ones to become a future bright social media star.

We are one of the very few Asia MCNs who have full vertical solutions on KOL incubation, influencer marketing, E-commerce and platform, content creation and ready product.

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